Jerry Trainor’s new show premieres February 17th on nick@nite.


Vinnie’s been living the dream as a single guy, hanging out in his supped up bachelor pad. But, a turn of events leads him to become the legal guardian of Wendell, his overly mature — but terrible at being a 12-year old – nephew. Suddenly, Vinnie realizes he has a lot of growing up to do. With the help of crazy Aunt Wilma and next door neighbor, Taryn, this funny crew helps Vinnie get a hang of the parenting ropes. When it comes to being a kid, Uncle Vinnie’s got that mastered, and Wendell has a lot to learn. But, as long as Wendell wears a helmet and keeps Vinnie away from the super glue, this perfectly odd pair will bring out the best in each other!

Series Promo:

Behind Scene with Jerry:

Buzznet – Exclusive


Wendell & Vinnie Nick@Nite – Photos and Videos

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