2013 Kids’ Choice Awards: Twitter Battle.

With 8 Days to go till March 23, the night when we will know the winners for the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards, we can see who are ahead in the VOTE, but ONLY on Twitter way.

So below some categories that interest you:

Favorite TV Show [UPDATE March 18,  ONLY THIS CATEGORY]:

1.- Victorious: 101,217 VOTES.

2.- Wizards: 78,147 VOTES.

3.- iCarly: 61,298 VOTES.

4.- GoodLuckCharlie: 2,586 VOTES.

Favorite TV Actor:

1.- Carlos: 124,033 VOTES.

2.- Ross: 22,919 VOTES.

3.- Jake: 500 VOTES.

4.- Lucas: 109 VOTES.

Favorite TV Actress:

1.- Selena: 234,291 VOTES.

2.- Victoria: 176,036 VOTES.

3.- Miranda: 14,310 VOTES.

4.- Bridgit: 12,573 VOTES.

Favorite Music Group:

1.-One Direction: 1.6M VOTES.

2.- BTR: 1.06M VOTES.

3.- Maroon 5: 5,036 VOTES.

4.- Bon Jovi: 239 VOTES.

Favorite Villain:

1.-Reed Alexander: 3,773 VOTES.

2.- Tom Hiddleston: 1,922 VOTES.

3.- Simon Cowell: 332 VOTES.

4.- Julia Roberts: 2 VOTES.

Also Justin has 918,205 VOTES and for FAVORITE SONG One Direction has 368,908 VOTES; both winning their category.


Be SURE to Keep VOTING on the OFFICIAL SITE also on Twitter (How-To-VOTE), facebook and the Free Nick App.


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