Sam and Cat: Official site on Nick and New Interview (VIDEO)

After Nick announced that Sam and Cat will air in June, there’s an OFFICIAL site on of Sam & Cat

There you can catch all about the show:


Prepare to meet the strangest match made in bestie heaven — Sam & Cat! Sam’s loud, independent, and tough as nails, while Cat is sweet as pie and super flighty. But that doesn’t stop this unlikely pair from becoming best buds and roomies! Together, they’re a power duo with a love for fun and adventure — it’s just too bad that it doesn’t come cheap. A booming out-of-home babysitting business quickly becomes the answer to their empty-pocket problems, but also an extra reason for countless wacky adventures to come!

Also, a new Interview 0f Cambio from the set of Sam & Cat:

Ariana and Jennette Talks About the show and more things you will love to know!


One thought on “Sam and Cat: Official site on Nick and New Interview (VIDEO)

  1. And this show makes me laugh even harder
    And amazing piece of it is like the best 100 percent
    Type of shows that ever watched but I never watched it
    In my life but it’s amazing for me to watch it
    And it’s was phomonal sitcoms that I ever liked so yea
    And yes I would give that show 100 percent of views for it
    And yea it’s great for me

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