Sam and Cat: Ariana and Jennette Talks about the Theme song and MORE

Check out this interview with Ariana Grande and Jennette McCurdy about some Sam & Cat stuff!

About the Sam & Cat theme song – your fans are dying to know! Do you sing it?

Ariana: We don’t sing it. Michael Corcoran sings it, who did the theme song for iCarly and all the songs on Victorious.

Jennette: Basically, Dan Schneider, the producer, he asked us ahead of time if we wanted to sing and we just didn’t want to. We wanted to make a show that was funny and that really focused on one thing, and entertaining kids. Our music definitely does that too, but we kind of wanted to keep it separate.

Ariana: And every other show is musically-driven now, since Hannah Montana, so we wanted to do something classic, a classic TV show. And the vibe of the theme song, the first time you hear it, it sounds like a classic.

The show is about two girls who start a babysitting service together. Have you ever babysat before?

Ariana: I’ve never babysat, but I have enough babysitting experience now for the rest of my life.

Jennette: We are acting indeed, but there are still young kids everywhere, who have never acting before, who have no idea what a camera is. But they’re adorable.

What about love interests on the show – what can you tell us about that?

Jennette: I hope so at some point. We haven’t yet, but we’ll probably dive into that as the season goes on.

Ariana: I have to establish that Robbie and Cat are something.

Jennette: That’s cute.

Ariana: I think Cat always has been and always will be desperately in love with Robbie, whether they express is or not, whether they confirm it or not. They are always handing hands and they’ve kissed a couple times. Cat always runs away from Robbie, but she loves it and she loves that he chases her. She can’t stand seeing him with other girls, and I think she loves him. I don’t think I can picture Cat being with anyone but Robbie.

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3 thoughts on “Sam and Cat: Ariana and Jennette Talks about the Theme song and MORE

  1. Wow, I’m in love with the show and I’ve gotten grounded a couple of times for watching Sam&Cat instead of doing my chores but I don’t care 😊. This show is amazing, Jeanette and Arianna make an awesome team for Sam&Cat. I wish I was Samantha Puckett cuz she’s awesome! She’s so smart, strong, bold, and beautiful. Go Sam! Work it girl !

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