Sam and Cat: Launches the Official Website!

On June 7 the Sam & Cat Official website is up, there you can find videos from the “Lil’ Sam & Cat Show” every week


You also can win stuff from the show, the rules coming soon and you can check ’em HERE

If you wanna be on the show they are looking for Mug Shots! (A PIC OF YOUR FACE) – Sign In HERE and be part of Sam & Cat!


12 thoughts on “Sam and Cat: Launches the Official Website!

  1. I really love this show sam ad cat and sam is my favorite character she’s funny and tough and cat is wonderful n funny sometimes as well love u guys:love yaya

      • I liovw your websire sooooooo much i really really love cat she is the best character i have ever seen no offence sam and one thing sam thats my nickname at school and everytime somesome says did u see the new sam and cat last night i say ” yes i did” and other people are like ”hey sam i loved ur show last night” and im like what show ” sam and cat duhhhhhh” so its jus funny for people to call me that at school so it doesn’t bother me a bit. I no u had the nickname 1st but a lot of people call me that at school so thats y i told u that. so ur show is amazing aka amazballs lol. well right me back when u get the chance. p.s. I LOVE UR SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. dear sam and cat i really love ur show and sam im sooo happy 4 u and all. Cat u r my favorite character on the show and u r my teen role model and i really love ur singing and sooooo i jus wanted to tell ya’ll that and sooooo please give a letter back soon

    P.S. Cat is my favorite on the show. and I LOVE U ARIONI!!!!!!!!!!!! U R #1

  3. Yesterday Watching Sam And Cat, It Was An Episode About Blue Dog Soda, And Let Me Tell You, I’m Old Enough To Know Better. And This Entire Episode Was One Giant MethY Drug Reference. It Wasn’t Even Subtle Like Most Shows ARe. This Was Completely Obvious. This Is What Our Children Are Watching These Days? It’s Pathetic, And I’ll Be Notifying Parents Everywhere Of This Monstrosity.

  4. A big congrats on the renewal
    of your fabulous comedy show.
    Would love to see an episode filmed
    here in my native New Orleans, our town
    is now part of many movie shoots nowdays..
    and I definately know yourselves and crew
    would love the exotic cuisine.
    All the best times for summer 2014

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