Sam and Cat: Volume 2 Released

THIS Monday the cast of Sam & Cat just get back to the Set to film the second part (other 20 eps!) of the Season One.
On iTunes you can catch a preview part of the “Lil’ Sam & Cat Show” and the Description for.


It’s always double the trouble with Sam and Cat…and you don’t want to miss this set of shenanigans! Sam and Cat’s canine commercial is supposed to be a business boost, but turns out to be the start of a custody battle for Dice’s dog! This isn’t the only filming the duo does; Cat gets the fabulous idea to film herself for 24 hours so that her future self can watch it 10-years from now! But back to their babysitting, Sam and Cat have a new client list: a creepy doll, a very accident-prone boy named Oscar, a set of twins and a girl who won’t give up her stuffed animal, “Poober.” Then, when ordered to rename their

Check out the Volume 2 on iTunes


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