Sam and Cat In April

In April, Nickelodeon will premiere two more episodes of Sam & Cat, below the list of them

#DroneBabyDrone (April 12, 8.00PM)

Sam and Cat encounter problems when they try a new drone delivery service online.

#FirstClassProblems (April 26, 8.00PM)

Sam and Cat are hired to accompany two obnoxious children on a flight to the Bahamas.

Be Sure tune into Nickelodeon THIS April!

Sam & Cat is Your Favorite TV Show from the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards!


Sam and Cat in March

Nickelodeon to Premiere three more Episodes of Sam & Cat in MARCH! Below the list of Episodes




#FresnoGirl (March 15)

Sam and Cat promise to buy a doll for a girl if she raises her grades; Sam and Cat are financially strained; Goomer loses his lucky shirt.

#StuckInABox (March 22)

The gang must rescue Cat when she is trapped inside of one of Dice’s magic tricks.

#PoorNora (March 29)

Nora targets Dice as a way to get revenge on Sam; Sam and Cat are forced to ask Nevel for help.

Sam & Cat airs on SATURDAY at 8.00PM on Nickelodeon!

Sam and Cat In February

MORE Sam & Cat is coming this February!
Below the List of Episodes to premiere:

#BrainCrush (February 8)

Sam and Cat begin to notice that their friends are obsessed with a new phone game; the audience is distracted at Cat’s one woman show.

#BlooperEpisode (February 15)

Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Cameron Ocasio, Maree Cheatham and Zoran Korach are on a lunch break from filming “Sam & Cat”; the cast are interrupted by fans of the show.

#BlueDogSoda (February 22)

Sam and Cat start making their own version of their favorite soda after it is banned.

All them premiere SATURDAYS @ 8.00PM on Nickelodeon!

Sam and Cat In January 2014

Brand NEW Episodes of Sam & Cat on January, SUCH exciting and FUN Eps!
Below the List of Episodes:

MagicATM (January 4)

Sam notices that Cat is spending a lot of money; Cat shows Sam a “Magic ATM” that gives away free money.

Lumpatious (January 11)


The Great Tuna Jump: Reunion Special (January 18)

When Sam meets Cat’s friend Jade from Hollywood Arts, Sam and Jade become friends, leaving Cat feeling a little left out. Taking some questionable advice from Nona, Cat decides to retaliate by ‘stealing’ a friend of Sam’s–and it’s Freddie Benson! As Cat tries to get cozy with Freddie, Sam,finds out,and goes after a friend,of Cat’s–Robbie Shapiro! The jealousy comes to a crashing climax at Fisherman’s Wharf, where Dice has hired Sam to jump her motorcycle over a tank full of vicious man-biting tuna.

YayDay (January 20)


Nickelodeon Premieres Episodes of Sam & Cat on SATURDAY at 8.00PM — YayDay on MONDAY at 8.00PM.