Wendell and Vinnie on Facebook (Photos)

There is an official Wendell and Vinnie Facebook Page, be sure to “Like” it.

10277_364522143646209_1940376527_nCast and Crew of W&V.

Below two photos from a shot for the main title sequence filmed this Wednesday:


Sam and Cat: Next Week

The Production of the Season 1 of Sam and Cat start TODAY, it is the first time on 2013, the Crew and main character will be working on a Brand New Episode next Week, Jennette on her Facebook page did a note:

“Start working on Sam & Cat next week! Super stoked.”

Jennette also says she is excited for her 2013 with more projects:

“Also have several other exciting projects lined up – I can’t make announcements yet, but I’m so pumped about the coming year! 2013 – the year of gettin er done.”