Ariana Grande and Sam & Cat Wins At the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards (VIDEOS)

We are happy to say Sam & Cat got the Nickelodeon Blimp at the 2014 Kids’ Choice Awards,

winner ariana

Cameron Ocasio (DICE) Speech:


Also Ariana wins as Favorite TV Actress

Ariana Speech:

Thanks to the Sam & Cat Fans on their first Award.


2013 Kids’ Choice Awards: Ariana and Jennette (VIDEOS)

First, BIG Congrats to the cast of Victorious on their 2nd Blimp as Favorite TV Show:


Victorious Favorite TV Show VIDEO:

And Now Jennette and Ariana were part of the Show, both presenting the award of Favorite TV Actress:


By justjennette Gallery.

We Can’t wait for Sam and Cat, make sure to come back for a release date for the show!

And to end,¬†Sophia Grace And Rosie were part of the “Don’t Stop The Party” by Josh Music Video: