Pre-Order Swindle on iTunes (VIDEO)

The New Nickelodeon Original Movie Swindle is now available to pre-order, check it out on iTunes!

Below the Artwork-Cover of the Movie:

Also you can get an Exclusive preview of Swindle:

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Be sure to tune into Nickelodeon on SATURDAY 24 at 8.00PM for the Premiere!


Sam and Cat give you a Sneak Peek of Swindle (VIDEOS)

The Brand New Nickelodeon Original Movie is around the corner and Jennette and Ariana give the fans of Sam & Cat an Exclusive Look of Swindle!

Also check out this new Trailer of Swindle and meet the cast

plus go behind the scenes with this Clip

Be sure to stay tuned into the site for more stuff from Swindle!
We can’t wait to see Swindle on Nickelodeon on August 24 @ 8PM!

Sam and Cat: Pilot Sneak Peek

With 22 Days to go for the Sam & Cat premiere and here are two Clips from the Pilot Episode:

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Characters Info:
SAM PUCKETT (Jennette McCurdy)
Sam is Cat’s protector, sassy best friend, roommate and business partner. Sam may be a little rough around the edges, but she’s fun, unpredictable and a fiercely loyal friend who is ready to tackle the wild adventures of babysitting.

CAT VALENTINE (Ariana Grande)
With her bright red hair, Cat is eccentric and a little out there. Her constantly charged emotional state means that all her reactions go straight to 10. Though she’s been known to get lost in her own home, she is like the mother Sam never had and is ready to tackle the wild adventures of babysitting.

DICE (Cameron Ocasio)
The cool, connected, deal-maker of the apartment building. He knows every tenant and all of the gossip. Dice brings his lively energy into the girls’ lives through his various off-beat interests — from managing a goofy MMA fighter to being a successful hair model.

NONA (Maree Cheatham)
Cat’s grandmother is fun-loving and excitable, much like Cat. She loves her active new life at Elderly Acres, where she can meet men, get tattoos and party until 8:30p.m.

And Here’s a Longer version of the Sneak Peek from “Sam and Cat: Extreme Bingo”: