Sam and Cat: Pilot and Series Promo PHOTOS

Pilot Plot:
In the series premiere, total opposites Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine first meet when a wild predicament lands both girls in the back of a moving garbage truck. After quickly becoming friends and roommates, they find themselves babysitting three younger kids, which give Sam and Cat the idea to start Sam & Cat’s Super Rockin’ Fun-Time Babysitting Service.
Pilot Promo PHOTOS:

Also from the “Sam & Cat: Extreme Bingo” and “Sam & Cat: Revenge of Gwen & Ruby” with Sophia Grace and Rosie


Be Sure to Catch Sam & Cat on June 8th at 8.00pm on Nickelodeon.


Sam and Cat: Sophia Grace & Rosie as Guest Stars

Sophia Grace & Rosie taping a segment for Nickelodeon, the young ladies will be on the Sam and Cat show.

Sam and Cat: Sophia & Rosie

It was brilliant and I love it.
Portraying two British girls who need to be babysat, the stars are doing their best to be clever on the show.


The episode with them was filmed last week, on Feb 11-16.