Swindle: Jennette, Ariana and the Cast Talks About the upcoming Nickelodeon Movie

The Cast of the New Upcoming Nickelodeon Movie, Swindle tell us about their Movie, how fun was work together in the project and about their characters:
Cambio Interview:

The Movie was filmed in Vancouver last year, and it has released date on 2013, September 10.


Swindle: The New Nickelodeon TV Movie

It’s no secret that the Nick stars like to cameo on each other’s shows from time to time. But what if we told you that Noah Crawford, Chris O’Neal, Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, Noah Munck, and Ciara Bravo will all be featured in the same cast? It’s true! All of these celebs have officially signed on to be in Nick’s new TV movie, Swindle. Production in Vancouver, and we just couldn’t wait to give you the deets on this power-packed project. So…what’s the flick all about?

Swindle features Noah Crawford as Griffin, who just happens to be the owner of a very special baseball card. Special because it’s worth over a million dollars! And since his best friend (played by Noah’s You Gotta See This! co-host Chris O’Neal) is about to lose his home, Griffin wants to use the card to help him out. But when an evil collector swindles him out of the card, it’s up to Griffin and his wily group of classmates (Ariana, Jennette, Noah, Ciara) to track down the conman

Swindle has release date, September 10/2013.