Sam and Cat give you a Sneak Peek of Swindle (VIDEOS)

The Brand New Nickelodeon Original Movie is around the corner and Jennette and Ariana give the fans of Sam & Cat an Exclusive Look of Swindle!

Also check out this new Trailer of Swindle and meet the cast

plus go behind the scenes with this Clip

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We can’t wait to see Swindle on Nickelodeon on August 24 @ 8PM!


Swindle Premieres August 24 (TRAILER)

On Saturday August 24 the new Original Movie, Swindle premieres at 8.00pm on Nickelodeon!

promoHere’s the Trailer with the awesome cast from 4 hit TV Shows:


Meet the Cast:


Jennette McCurdy (Savannah)

While some people love to watch drama, 16-year old Savannah lives for it. She’ll tell anyone how agonizing her freshman experience was, and how she was “…the stale bread in a torn lunch bag.” Luckily, her theatrics come in handy when her crew’s in need of some improv characters, ’cause let’s face it, it’s what she’s born to do!

Noah Crawford (Griffin)

It’s a good thing everyone at school owes Griffin Bing a favor, ’cause when it’s time to put together a skilled crew of Specialists to take down a criminal mastermind, he has no trouble bringing them in. And as the ringleader and brains of the operation, you can bet your 1.2 million dollar money card that he’ll be executing the perfect plan.

Ciara Bravo (Melissa)

Melissa’s the youngest member of the crew, but if you saw her amazing skills, you wouldn’t believe it! Like her older brother Griffin, she’s clever to the bone and full of ambition. Her weapon of choice is her trusty laptop, and her trademark involves putting hackers to ultimate shame!

Noah Munck (Darren)

Darren may be older, look tough and act intimidating but….well, that’s just the way he is! This guy’s known for having tough skin, and his mysterious nature leaves much to be desired. He gets recruited by Griffin for his brawns and his ride, but when the time comes for him to put his tried and tested muscles aside, a brand new Darren is set to appear.

Chris O’Neal (Ben)

On a scale of 1 to nerd-alert, Ben’s only a pair of glasses and suspenders short of tipping the scale. He lives for the day that his mega-crush, Amanda, notices him but until then, he’s perfectly content with being best friends with his partner in crime, Griffin. Ben’s the only person in the world who doesn’t want anything from his pal, and though he doesn’t have any outstanding skills up front, he’ll definitely come in handy when it counts!

Ariana Grande (Amanda)

She may be known as the second prettiest girl in school, but she’s #1 in Ben’s geeky heart! Amanda’s a cheerleading pro, and her moves are super sharp. A perfect backflip onto her partner’s shoulders is all it takes for Griffin to see superb Specialist potential and an essential member of the team. But little does he and the rest of the team know that this girl’s got a few extra talents up her sleeve!

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