Wendell And Vinnie: Last Episode on SUNDAY September 22

After the news about the cancellation of the Nickelodeon Sitcom, Nickelodeon have premiered the last part of their episodes,


and THIS SUNDAY Nickelodeon will premiere the VERY LAST episode of Wendell & Vinnie called “First Dances & Last Chances”.
The Episodes have been airing right after “See Dad Run”, 8.30PM on Nickelodeon (Nick@Nite Segment).

More Clips at Nick.com or at Our Vimeo.

Don’t miss it, SUNDAY September 22 @ 8.30PM on Nickelodeon.


Wendell & Vinnie: Abra & Cadabra (PHOTOS)

Brand New “Wendell & Vinnie” called ‘Abra & Cadabra’:
Synopsis: Wendell’s interest in magic displeases Vinnie because it brings up some bad memories for him.

Don’t miss it SATURDAY March 9 at 8PM on Nickelodeon.

Check below photos from the episode.

Wendell & Vinnie: Mock Trial (PHOTOS)

In the Brand New Episode of Wendell & Vinnie called “Mock Law & Order”, Wendell defends Goldilocks in a mock trial, but Vinnie and Wilma interfere with his case. This Episode is the #2 to be filmed.

Be Sure to don’t miss it, Sat March 2 at 8:00 PM on Nick.

Wendell & Vinnie Nick@Nite – Photos and Videos

Jerry Trainor’s new show premieres February 17th on nick@nite.


Vinnie’s been living the dream as a single guy, hanging out in his supped up bachelor pad. But, a turn of events leads him to become the legal guardian of Wendell, his overly mature — but terrible at being a 12-year old – nephew. Suddenly, Vinnie realizes he has a lot of growing up to do. With the help of crazy Aunt Wilma and next door neighbor, Taryn, this funny crew helps Vinnie get a hang of the parenting ropes. When it comes to being a kid, Uncle Vinnie’s got that mastered, and Wendell has a lot to learn. But, as long as Wendell wears a helmet and keeps Vinnie away from the super glue, this perfectly odd pair will bring out the best in each other!

Series Promo:

Behind Scene with Jerry:

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