Wendell & Vinnie


The remaining 6 episode of the Wendell & Vinnie will begin airing on Nick@Nite on SUNDAY August 18 at 8.30PM!
Upcoming Episodes:
Vinnie & The Toad:(August 18)

Vinnie goes on a road trip with a friend from his past; Wendell stays with Wilma while Vinnie is away.

Vinnie & the Man Crush:(August 25)

Vinnie meets his favorite comic book author and forces Wendell into a play-date with the man’s son.

Of Mothers & Gardens:(September 1)

Wendell asks Vinnie for help convincing the PTA to build a school garden; Vinnie and Wilma go to great lengths to fulfill Wendell and his mother’s dream.

Smart Girls & Dumb Guys:(September 8)

Vinnie uses Wendell’s talking points to impress a woman; Vinnie asks Wendell to pretend that everything in the apartment belongs to him.

Wendell’s & Vinnie’s(September 15)

Vinnie brings Wendell to work with him; Wilma takes Taryn’s hip hop class.

First Dances & Last Chances (September 22) Season Finale
Wendell becomes head of the dance committee and enlists Vinnie and Wilma’s help to make it successful; Vinnie reconnects with a former crush.

Vinnie & the Toad Clip

Vinnie & the Man Crush Clip

Of Mothers & Gardens Clip

Smart Girls & Dumb Guys Clip

Wendell’s & Vinnie’s Clip

First Dances & Last Chances Clip

Season One Gallery:

On August 15 Wendell & Vinnie was Cancelled.


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